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    A Steamboat man has been arrested for stealing two trucks in one night. 26-year-old Mason Woolley has multiple felony charges and two misdemeanor charges. The different trucks were stolen, and some tools were missing from one of the trucks. One truck was found a mile away from where it went missing. Then police saw a man on a security camera, who they later identified as Woolley getting in an unlocked Dodge pickup near a business on Copper Ridge Drive. The keys of the truck had been left in the center console. Other security videos spotted Woolley in the truck. Steamboat Police got a warrant, tracked him down, and arrested him. Woolley was also charged with a previous offense of showing a gun on a city bus, but it turned out it was a toy gun. Bond is set at $2,000.

    The water in Yampa is back after a break with faulty valve. It has been tested and it’s OK to drink but it may be a little milky because of air in the lines. It is a busy time in Yampa, too, because of second rifle season.

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